Shareholders' annual meeting

The 2019 Carrefour Shareholders 'annual Meeting took place on June 14th, 2019. Regardless of the number of shares they hold, all shareholders are invited to take part in the Shareholders' Meeting. The Meeting is a special opportunity to talk with Carrefour's senior managers, learn about the Group's results and objectives, and take part in the decision-making process.

The different types of Shareholders' Meetings

There are three types of Shareholders' Meetings.

Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting (OSM)

It is held once a year, for the specific purpose of approving the financial statements for the fiscal year just ended, setting the dividend and its terms of payment and, if necessary, appointing or renewing the terms of the Directors and the Statutory Auditors. The financial statements must be approved within six months from the fiscal year-end. During the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting, resolutions are adopted by simple majority of the votes present or represented.

Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting (ESM)

It takes place periodically, when the company is required to seek shareholder approval to modify the articles of association, or to authorise a capital increase or reduction, a merger or a demerger. Resolutions are adopted by a majority of two-thirds of the votes present or represented.

Combined Shareholders' Meeting (OSM and ESM)

When the Shareholders 'Meeting will vote on both ordinary and extraordinary resolutions, it is classified as a Combined Shareholders' Meeting.

How can you find out when a Shareholders' Meeting will be held?

Publication in the Balo (Bulletin des annonces légales obligatoires)
The Balo is available at: www.journal-officiel.gouv.fr . The announcement that a meeting is due to be held is published at least thirty-five days before the date of the Meeting. The notice of meeting is published at least fifteen days before the date of the Meeting.
Information for registered shareholders
The notice of meeting is automatically sent by post to all direct registered or administered registered shareholders.
Information through Carrefour
You can contact the Shareholder Relations Department or visit the Shareholders' Corner on the Group website, where the notice of meeting is posted several weeks in advance.

How can you take part in the Shareholders' Meeting?

Only Carrefour shareholders may take part in the Shareholders' Meeting. To facilitate admission to the meeting, you should first request an admission card from your authorised intermediary.
If you are a registered shareholder
Your shares must be registered with SGSS, the manager of Carrefour's shareholding service, at least two trading days before the Meeting. SGSS will automatically send the notice of meeting to your residence, along with your postal vote / proxy form which includes the application for an admission card. Simply return your completed form asking to attend the Meeting. The admission card will be sent to you. Bring your admission card with you on the day of the Meeting.
If you are a bearer shareholder
You must own your shares for at least two trading days before the Meeting. To take part in the Meeting, you must ask your authorised intermediary to submit a certificate of ownership and an admission card application to SGSS. SGSS will send the admission card to you . You must bring your admission card with you on the day of the Meeting.
What if you don't receive your admission card in time? For registered shareholders: simply present your identity card. For bearer shareholders: you must submit your identity card and the certificate of ownership issued by your authorised intermediary.


The Shareholders' Meeting can validly deliberate only if a minimum proportion of the capital is present or represented. This proportion, known as a "quorum", varies based on the type of Meeting: for an OGM, it is 1/5 of the shares on the first notice of meeting, with no quorum required on the second notice; for an EGM, it is 1/4 of the shares on the first notice of meeting and 1/5 on the second notice; for a CGM, the quorum requirements are the same as for Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings, depending on the nature of the resolutions.

Documentation about the 2019 Carrefour Shareholders' annual Meeting

The 2018 Carrefour Shareholders' annual Meeting will take place on June 14th, 2019.

Please click on the link below to see all the documents about the General Meeting:

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